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Clinician Toolbox Series:

Collegiate Recovery Programs
and Recovery High Schools:
Helping Students in Recovery Succeed
Academically and Socially



Presented by: 

Wood Marchant, ’89, LISW-CP

Director, Collegiate Recovery Program

Division of Student Affairs, College of Charleston



In this seminar, Wood will discuss the Collegiate Recovery Program at the College of Charleston and similar programs around the country that aim to help recovering students find community and support on college campuses. As people are getting sober at younger and younger ages due to the problematic use of alcohol and prescription medications, programs that help them maintain their sobriety while they are in school are more necessary than ever. We will discuss the challenges that face these students while on campus and how to work with them and their families to maintain their sobriety. Wood will discuss the rising need for recovery schools and the increasing number of collegiate recovery programs that are being started in response to the opioid crisis.


Trends in substance use will be discussed as well as strategies to help move younger clients along the change scale.  We will also discuss local resources for young people who are considering sobriety and how to work with them and their families through this process.


Price: $50 for 2 CEUs

Located at Practice Place

Friday, March 9th

10:00am – 12:00pm


Click Below to Complete Registration ($50)

*No refunds unless cancelled two weeks prior to event

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