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In response to the pandemic all our clinicians offer Telehealth via secure video conference or telephone sessions. Some continue to see clients with the safety precautions in place outlined in the letter below.


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March 19, 2020


Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,


Each therapist at Practice Place has their individual contact information and websites listed under the tab “Practitioners”.


In uncertain times it is important to recall our innate resilience and ability to face adversity.  We plan to be a resource for cultivating community courage as we adapt to unusual circumstances.  As we admit vulnerability, we can acknowledge our strength as well; and consequently, find inspired solutions.  As always, we look forward to continued collaboration with our community of therapists and healers.


 Below are our current thoughts and procedures. 


With heart,





Virtual Appointments Now Available
In addition to continuing in-person appointments with special safety precautions, we’ve launched virtual therapy appointments for client convenience, for both individual, couples and group therapy sessions.  We also have open air outdoor space or a screened tent availability. 



Practice Place clinicians are taking some additional measures to protect the health of our therapists and clients due to the increased health risks posed by the presence of the COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” in our local community. Before we get to these measures, we first want to emphasize that we feel it is important not to interrupt mental health treatment during times of additional stress and uncertainty and encourage you to continue accessing our services in a safe way. We are asking you to partner with us in implementing some additional common sense measures to help keep us all healthy:

  1. Each clinician has made virtual appointments available for all therapy sessions, couples therapy, including group therapy sessions, through a HIPPA compliant provider at no additional charge to our clients (you will be charged your normal appointment fee). We are asking all clients that are feeling ill, who have come into contact with someone that they suspect might have the Coronavirus in the last 14 days, have reason to believe that they have been exposed to the Coronavirus, or have recently traveled to an area experiencing a high incidence of the Coronavirus, to take advantage of this telehealth option. If you would like to utilize our telehealth option, please call your clinician.  If you are feeling ill, have reason to believe you have been exposed to the Coronavirus, or have recently traveled to an area experiencing a high incidence of the Coronavirus, and do not wish to use our telehealth option we ask you to reschedule your appointment until at least 14 days after your exposure if you are symptom free, or 14 days after you experienced any symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus;

  2. If you are visibly ill when you come to our offices, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment or use our telehealth option;

  3. Please wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible after arriving at our offices and before you leave. All of our employees and therapists will be washing their hands before and after each appointment;

  4. Please cover your face if you sneeze or cough;

  5. To avoid unnecessary contact with commonly touched surfaces, please allow your therapist to open and close their office doors for you; clients are also welcome to wait in your car until your appointment time and your therapist will respond to your text when it’s time to come in;

  6. We are practicing non-contact greetings. We hope this makes sense and we ask you not to take any offense to it;

  7. We are cleaning commonly touched surfaces as often as possible, but you may want to avoid touching commonly touched surfaces whenever possible. Be mindful of touching your face after you have touched a common surface;

  8. We are spacing our office furniture out a bit to create extra space between people in therapy and group therapy sessions. When possible, please choose a seat a little further than normal from others in the room;

  9. Weather permitting, if your therapy session includes multiple people, we invite you to wait in our backyard;

  10. We ask that you not bring anyone with you that is not in the therapy session


We are always open to suggestions on how to make our offices as safe as possible during this situation. Please feel free to suggest any changes or request any accommodations you think might make you safer. We think with these common sense measures in place, there is no reason to interrupt your therapy with us. We look forward to continuing to serve you. If you have any general questions and comments, we welcome your messages at or .



“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”

-Brené Brown



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